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Introduction to Research Ethics

Course Description

This course aims to provide the participants with the basic knowledge required to analyze important ethical issues raised by research involving human subjects. The course begins with an introduction to the history of research ethics and the ethical requirements of human subject research, and then explores specific topics such as informed consent, risk assessment and issues relevant to social and behavioral research.

Leadership Skills

Course Description

This course aims to develop the participants’ leadership practices and communication skills that will enable them to serve as effective agents of change in promoting the research ethics culture in their respective environments. The course examines the leadership styles and practices and the basic communication skills. It begins with illustrating the different definitions of leadership, and how the theories that explain leadership have evolved over time, followed by specific topics including spheres of influence and control and leadership practices.

Teacher: Maha Emad

Ethics for Members of Research Ethics Committees

Welcome to the self-paced course for members of research ethics committees.  There are several learning modules that include several important aspects of research ethics committees, including a section on research methodology.  In each module there are reading materials, videos, and a lesson activity that consists of text followed by short answer questions.  Please proceed at your own pace. After each module you will receive a certificate of completion.

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Henry Silverman

Clinical Research Coordinator

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